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Internal wall insulation involves insulating the outside walls internally, and should be considered when it's hard or impossible to otherwise insulate the walls. This is done by removing the existing plasterboard to reveal the brickwork. The wall is then insulated, new plasterboard installed and then plastered. The walls will then be able to be decorated approximately two weeks later. 

Typical savings for a 3 bed semi-detached electric heated property are £554  per year

This is the system we use.....

We use the SWIP IWI system. Download the homeowners guide here....
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Recent Installations

Qualifying Criteria

Qualifying Benefits:

Pension Credit

Child Tax Credits 

Working Tax Credits

Universal Credit

Income Support

Housing Benefit

Income-Based Employment and Support Allowance

Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance

Child Benefit

(with earnings threshold)


If you're NOT in receipt of benefits and you live in an area where your Local Authority operate a FLEX scheme, there are 2 different routes to access ECO funding:

Route 1: Household Earnings

Household earns less than £31,000 (gross)


Route 2: NHS Referrals

NHS referrals via your GP or NHS Trust who believes you are vulnerable to the affects of living in a cold home because you have one of these health conditions:



Limited Mobility


See Local Authority areas here

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